This is what I'm up to now.

I'm a Computer Engineering graduate. My primary focus is on software. I find that the trick with personal projects is finding a problem to solve rather than coding up the solution. Debugging is a different sort of challenge although just as fun.

My more recent projects have tended to be libraries or other tools although I used to do quite a few web projects. I try to use the right tool for the job although that tool is never Java. Often, the right tool is C, Python, or Rust. Of course, one of the right tools for any web project is JavaScript. Sometimes bash is the right tool. Sometimes perl is the right tool because bash isn't quite powerful enough. I started out programming in Ruby but now I prefer Python for reasons which are mostly non-technical.

I am really excited about both operating systems and compilers. I currently work in Azure Compute at Microsoft. While interning at Google, I worked on the memory management subsystem of the Linux kernel. Before that, I interned twice at Amazon. I really like both Seattle and San Francisco.

I spend most of my time in Terminal and Emacs. The only activity which I have found to demand a GUI is web browsing due to images and video not displaying at all in edbrowse. I prefer open source software and generally use Debian GNU/Linux or Arch Linux. I release most of my code under the GNU GPL v3 or later although a couple of my projects — such as fyc and toml — are underneath the MIT License.

My hobbies outside of programming include chess, hiking and board games. I've been hiking to a number of places within King County, Washington and in the San Francisco Bay Area. My chess elo rating is non-existent.


I give my friends burrito recommendations when they go to San Francisco.

What used to be interview advice has been expanded to career advice.

My Projects

My github account page

English letter frequency order goes something like "ETAOINSHRDLCUMWFGYPBVKJXQZ". Figuring that infrequently used letters were as good a source for a domain name as any, I picked xqz and found the .ca to be open.